Replace a Water Filter

US Water supplies the Big Blue filter housing with string, pleated carbon and carbon block configurations for filter replacement. We recommend that you contract designated US Water personnel to change the filters and/or work on the unit, perhaps as a part of a routine service call.

However, in the event that you want to attempt the filter replacement on your own, the instructions are below.

Filter Replacement Steps:

  1. Turn off water to the house
  2. Isolate the big blue array by turning the bypasses on the unit
  3. Activate bypasses on all ancillary treatment equipment(red handles on USW equipment)
  4. Place trough or bucket under the housing to capture water as it is spilled
  5. Press button on blue housing to release pressure
  6. Use the wrench and turn the housing clockwise to loosen(do not force it as the assembly may break)
  7. Continue turning clockwise with your hand and empty the contents into the trash/drain.
  8. O Ring Lubrication: Prior to replacing the filter, we recommend lubrication with an approved FDA accepted lubricant that is friendly to the O ring.
  9. Replace the filter by seating the new filter in the housing and lifting the housing vertically straight up and rotate the assembly counterclockwise manually
  10. If you have trouble, re-lubricate and reapply the housing
  11. Tighten the assembly counterclockwise with the wrench.

Big Blue Filter Replacement Notes:

Be advised, changing your own filters is done at your own risk. US Water is void of responsibility; direct, indirect or otherwise.

Hard water(calcified) and other pH related contamination can crystallize on the threading of the housing and damage the housing and/or make filter replacement difficult Regular filter replacement minimizes these effects.